Welcome to Pacific Swells, where I hope to share some helpful insights into discovering peace of mind and happiness through thoughtful living.

Who is Pacific Swells for?

Pacific Swells is meant for people who care about any of the following:

  • Living a meaningful and purpose filled life
  • Taking charge of their life and being intentional about the path they take
  • Living with integrity or according to their own inner voice
  • Pursuing a healthy life through diet, exercise, and time spent outdoors
  • Maintaining a disciplined approach to personal and family finances
  • Being thoughtful about their religious beliefs and practices
  • Traveling to experience new and different locals, cultures, and ways of life
  • Prioritizing life towards the things that bring fulfillment and happiness
  • Strengthening relationships with significant others, family members, and friends
  • Producing more than they consume, and living off of less