I’m Josh Mortensen. My wife, Marissa, and I live in Provo, Utah with our two wonderful children. Our favorite things are family, friends, faith, food, fitness, and fun.

I often feel uncomfortable living within the paradigms others have established, and I’ve found that I experience more freedom and opportunity when I cut my own trail.

I write about finding happiness through intentional living. My writing is not meant to be prescriptive, rather I hope to get people asking more questions about why they live the way they do.

For me, a big part of living intentionally is spending time in the wild. I love nature and find that being outside has a way of calming my mind and helping me find balance.

I chose the name Pacific Swells, because I grew up in Northern California and feel a deep kinship with the Pacific ocean. Also, I think it sounds pretty cool.

If you find any of my writing helpful, then I’ve accomplished my goal.